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Star Pokemaniacs
Pkmn discussions, tips, hints, gts and wi-fi trade, fc etc (all legitimate pkmn titles welcome)

Group Founder: za_tygra
Description: Hey there fellow pokemaniac's, yes i know, another pokemon group.. Hea'z what i hope to do, i'd like to trade game hints and tips, discuss favourites and battle tactics, bragging rights over shiny pokemon caught or bred, contest tips.. Gamers of every legitimate pokemon title welcome. I'm also hoping to get some great links and pics as well, any ideas feel free to inbox me! Thankyou!
Group Type: Public join
Members: 21
Category: Games > Nintendo

Topics (6)

go To all active members (1) za_tygra
I don't come online here on prodigits that often, but i will try to check up here at least every week.. Let's try to build up our group- suggestions are more than welcome!

go online in a while (5) jo5hu4
i cant trade online yet cos i not got a wifi USB for DS but have lots of strong pokemon, alot at lv100 and no hacks! But some are over trades though. I would be happy to trade with you, i have around ...

go wanna battle? (2) jo5hu4
i use 6 lv100s in my party and none are rare because i dont find it fair but if you use some then i will just use them back anyways (also my DS isnt set up for wifi quite yet but will be very soon)

go Chaining pokemon (0) za_tygra
I just got my first shiny pokemon thru chaining, itz only a starly, but i'm happy with that for my first! I've just added a new link to my links page that has a decent guide for effective chaining, so...

go Pokefarm link (0) za_tygra
Check out this site for handy tips and information, you can also arrange trades- but if you're caught trading a hacked pokemon you get a big red 'H' attached to your profile to alert others that you'r...

go Welcome! (0) za_tygra
Hey there and welcome to pokemaniacs, in this group i hope to talk pokemon, arrange trades and possibly battles over wi-fi in pkmn diamond and pearl, have members help each other out with their proble...

Polls (2)

go What is your favourite pokemon game?
go What is your favourite legendary pokemon?

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