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Subject: online in a while
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jo5hu4 22.08.09 - 09:45pm
i cant trade online yet cos i not got a wifi USB for DS but have lots of strong pokemon, alot at lv100 and no hacks! But some are over trades though. I would be happy to trade with you, i have around 15 mewtwos spare all at lv100 that i got on leafgreen :) i like to train alot *

jo5hu4 22.08.09 - 09:47pm
i can trade anything you want, i got a a whole box full of different kinds of rares, note: some pokemon are from my pokemon ranch so the OT is hayley not me but most are mine *

jo5hu4 22.08.09 - 09:48pm
i got lv100s that arent rare aswell (not many though)... No shineys though... Sorry *

za_tygra 24.08.09 - 06:43am
I think the current ones i'm having any real trouble obtaining are suicune and raikou for my living pokedex. *

jo5hu4 28.08.09 - 06:24am
i have suicine, got it on leaf green *

jo5hu4 28.08.09 - 06:25am
oh and raikou but it was renamed, cant remember what to though *

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